As the Philippines’ leading low-cost carrier, Cebu Pacific Air operates thousands of flights to more than 100 destinations across APAC and the Middle East. Recently, the airline saw a surge in consumer interest for two of its key international destinations: Singapore and Japan. Concerned that its current slate of generic ads weren’t properly promoting these priority routes, Cebu Pacific Air turned to Google Marketing Platform to develop relevant, engaging ads tied to consumer interests.

Track E-Commerce Performance & Audience Preferences

The fundamentals revolved around setting up advanced tracking parameters to capture not only e-commerce transactions, but also user travel preferences across Cebu Pacific (advertiser) & Summit Media (publisher), who are both heavy users of GMP platforms.

Personalize Experiences based on User Preferences

Once the user journey was captured via GA 360, we were able to use the datapoints to understand each user’s preferences anonymously to deliver Hyper Personalized Ads to audiences across Summit Media on behalf of Cebu Pacific

Evaluating Success

The results of this campaign went beyond expectations. The team observed more than a 900% increase in Return on Ad Spend (ROAS), and an impressive uplift of more than 100% increase in conversion rates

How can I deliver relevant ads to my prospects?

Take advantage of GA 360’s (Google Analytics 360) native integration with DV 360 (Display & Video 360) to understand the intent of audiences who arrive to digital assets and follow up with Hyper Personalized ADs


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