Features Description Availability


Annual Subscription Fee USD 150,000
per annum
RM 600,000
per annum


24/7 Dedicated Support Team
Account Management
Implementation Specialist
Training from Google experts
Self-Service Support -
Help Centre, User Forum
Optional Certified Partner Support

Data Processing Limits

Hits processed per month 500 Million
Rows of data available in reports 3M for unsampled reports
Data Freshness 4 Hours

Advertising & Multi-Channel

Attribution Modelling
Campaign Measurement
AdWords Integration
Multi-Channel Reporting

Analysis Tools

Custom Variables 50
Advanced Segmentation
Custom Reporting
Analytics Intelligence
Flow Visualisation
Real Time Data

Social, Mobile & Video

Social Referral & Conversion Reporting
Mobile Device & App Tracking
Video Performance Measurement

Customisation & Integrations

Data Export & Tracking API
Custom Reports

Sharing & Workflow

Intuitive UI, Rapid Set Up
Dashboards, Custom Reports,
Advanced Segments
Export and Email report functionality


Freshness 4 hours or less 98% of the time
Collection 99.9%
Reporting 99%
Service Level Guarantees

Data Made Accessible

Google Analytics Premium makes data useful and accessible for your whole team, so you can build a culture where insights come from everywhere. Data is only as good as the results it drives. That’s why Google Analytics Premium is built to create real actionable insights that boost your bottom line. Features like cross-platform integration with the Google Display Network, AdWords, and ROI-driven testing help your entire team connect the dots and put those insights into action — fast.

Enterprise Analytics

Google Analytics Premium will keep you on top of the numbers. You get enterprise-level data that’s fast, accessible, and ready for action by your whole team. Google Analytics Premium comes with all the help your team needs to thrive by the numbers, including full feature support and training. As with all Google products, Analytics is built on our secure and reliable global infrastructure, used and trusted daily by billions of people. So your business can grow quickly without worrying about downtime.

Low flat fee of USD 150,000.00 per annum

Get all of Google Analytics Premium for one flat annual fee of $150,000. That includes all the powerful tools your team needs to embrace the evolutionary speed of marketing and web analytics. It also includes full support and all the security and reliability of Google. We’ve lowered the barrier to enterprise analytics. Because the best numbers shouldn’t be just for those with the biggest pockets.


Looking for help with Google Analytics?

As Certified Google Analytics Consultants, we can help you identify whether Google Analytics Premium or Standard is the right fit for your organization. Then we can help you create your digital measurement strategy, customize your implementation, help you gain the insights you need to optimize your marketing efforts and provide training to you or your entire team.

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