Get data that will influence your marketing decisions

Efficient & effective marketing is all about harnessing your data to make the right decisions. You need to monitor, track and measure all marketing activities so that you know what works and what doesn’t. The measurement should include both quantity and quality (conversion & cost). This gives you the foundation to make the right marketing decisions now that will pay off in the future.

Campaign Measurement

See which of your marketing campaigns are really paying off with this detailed real-time report. Engagement and conversion activity are included for any link you tag (even on email, banners and offline campaigns).

Advertising Reports

How well are your advertising dollars working? Use AD reports for search, display, social, email, AdWords and more to view conversion rates and returns across all digital channels.

Cost Data Import

Import cost data from any digital source: paid search, display providers, affiliates, social and even organic traffic. The cost data appears in a Cost Analysis report for Traffic Sources and also within Attribution reports.

Mobile ADs Measurement

Running mobile ADs or using mobile apps? Google Analytics can help you break down data by device, then optimize using metrics like time-on-site, bounce rate and conversion rate.


Find customers who have shown an interest in your products and services, then show them relevant ADs for those same products as they surf the web, thanks to our integration with the Google Display Network.

Search Engine Optimization

The Search Engine Optimization (SEO) reports in Google Analytics help you understand how the Google Search Engine ranks your site by search queries and the click through rate to your site.


Who would benefit from these features?

Media planners and marketing use campaign measurement and advertising reports to make sure all advertising campaigns are monitored and tracked to evaluate performance and conversion, while evaluating relative performance of different ads. Cost data import allows finance & management to see cost effectiveness and return on investment. Remarketing & Search Engine Optimization provides more options to marketing & media planners to drive more traffic.

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