Understand your customer so that you can respond & anticipate their needs

To understand your business, you need to know your audience. Google Analytics provides all the metrics & dimensions necessary for you to understand your audience, who they are, where they come from & what they are interested in.

Audience Data & Reporting

Focus on your audience: who they are, where they come from, when they visit, how they find your content, why they leave, why they return and what drives their loyalty.

Audience Demographics

Examine your audience segments. Profile your visitors by age groups, gender or interests. Discover correlation between audience segment and visitor retention or conversion.

Device Data & Reporting (Browser / OS)

PC or Mac? Chrome or Firefox? The Browser / OS report shows you what people are using to view your site, so you can make smarter decisions about site layout and design.

Map Overlay

With a clear map view and visitor stats broken down by continent, country and city, you can understand the real origins of your traffic and find the best places to invest for new opportunities.

Traffic Sources

How do people find your site? Use Traffic Sources to evaluate the effectiveness of your referrals, direct traffic, organic (unpaid) search keywords, and custom campaigns.

Mobile Traffic

Should you build a separate mobile site, create a mobile app or implement responsive design? As consumers shift towards mobile, the Mobile Traffic report helps you analyse and optimize for success.

Social Reports

Social reports show you the impact that social media has on your business goals and conversions. Integrated web and social data offers a holistic view of your content and community.

Custom Dimensions

Add the custom data you care about most: user data like demographics or purchase history, content data like page groups or product categories, even behavioural data about those who use certain site tools.

Flow Visualization

Flow Visualization reports let you see and analyse the path a visitor takes on your site. See where they came from, the pages they moved through, and where they exited your site.


Who can benefit from Google Analytics?

Marketing would like to know their target audience demographics & interests and where your traffic is coming from. Sales & customer service would like to understand who their customers are and where they come from. Developers & support would like to know how the website or mobile application is being accessed and used.

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