Areas of Interest Key lessons

Introducing Web Analytics

What is Web Analytics?
Analytics role in a multi-platform online world
What can Web Analytics do for you?
How Analytics can help you achieve your online goals

Introducing Google Analytics

What is Google Analytics?
Scope & Features of Google Analytics
What can you measure?
Metrics & Dimensions available in Google Analytics
What insights can you gain?
Reporting & Analysis Tools available in Google Analytics

Unlocking Google Analytics Potential

What are the basic features?
Google Analytics basic features & standard reports
What are some advanced features?
Google Analytics advanced features & custom reports
How to us Google Analytics in a multi-platform world?
Utilizing Google Analytics across multiple platforms

Growing with Google Analytics

How do I keep my organization on Google Analytics?
Strategy & Roadmap for Google Analytics
How do I keep my web properties with Google Analytics?
Google Analytics implementation & change management
How do I keep my users updated on Google Analytics?
Google Analytics education & training

Course Summary

Discover what Google Analytics can do for your organization. An introduction to analytics in general and to Google Analytics specifically.

Target Audience

Everyone who is new to analytics in general or to Google Analytics specifically.

Course Duration

Half-day or Full-day.


How can I apply this training to my job?

You can apply what you have learned from this training to help you plan your goals, prepare requirements, participate in discussions, figure out how to use Google Analytics and apply Google Analytics to assist you in your job.

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